Aluminium pallets

Aluminum pallets with special dimensions are a very sturdy alternative and which supports complex configurations.

Are mainly used in pharma industry, electronics, airline transport, but they are suitable also for intensive heavy-duty type applications (automotive, metalworking sectors or heavy metal parts).

They are fit for sea/ train/ road freight transport. They have a higher resistance than the wooden pallets or the ones which have wood components, and are preferred, for example, for export to countries where the wood packaging is forbidden (because of the microorganisms they can bring and affect the local flora).

Metal pallets are used most often in a production environment where is necessary to support heavy loads, the work is done at extreme temperatures, hygiene standards are high. The cleaning is done quicky and easy, it’s economical, without the need of supplementary costs. They are intended for storage and transport in cleanrooms, warehouses with high racks, assembly lines, warehouses for dangerous substances and freeze storage facilities. They have an increased resistance to possible deformations and a long service and use life. More than this, the resistance to temperature fluctuations makes them compatible with applications in any meteorological conditions.

These are pallets with a very good ratio resistance/own weight, do not rust and have a pleasant aspect.

The design can be customized for special applications, like, for example, the pallets with stoppers for rolls or pipes and piping.

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