Aluminum profiles workstations and accessories

Aluminum profiles workstations are configured considering:

  • the optimization of the workspace to suit the operator, and not vice versa
  • reducing the effort of the operator to a minimum while the productivity level is the same
  • the increase of productivity, each item needs to be in the proximity of the operator
  • the increase of the operators’ motivation, by paying attention to details: proper lighting, countertop at a optimum, adjustable height

The ergonomic workbenches can have: 2 feet or 4 feet.

Industrial workbenches with 2 feet, from aluminum profiles, can have a manual height adjustment, or are equipped with an electrical system for automatic adjustment of the working height. The difference between these two is that the electrical one has a load capacity of the worktop of 400 kg, and the manual one of 300 kg. Made from ESD aluminum profiles of 40 or 60 mm diameter, they allow the integration of multiple accessories.

Industrial workstations with 4 feet are made from aluminum profiles of 40 and 60 mm diameters. They sustain loads of 300 kg, respectively 500 kg. They are robust and can be equipped with a wide range of accessories, depending on the application. They are available in two versions: workbenches with 4 feet for standing working position, or for seated working position.

For the standing working position, the work height is 910 mm and it’s fix, with no adjustment possibilities.

For the seated working position, the standard worktop height is 720 mm, but can be adjusted between 720 – 1020 mm. The adjustment can be done in three ways:

  • manually, by using some clips
  • using a hydraulic mechanism, powered by a lever
  • electro-hydraulically, by using a control panel

For the ergonomic workbenches from aluminum structures ITEM type or aluminum modular profiles for equipment, are available various accessories which are increasing the ergonomics level:

  • support for accessory panels – perforated metal panels can be added, as well as storage shelves, lighting system, monitor and others; it is fixed on the back side of the work table; it is found as modules with different dimensions which can be assembled as many as needed: 1, 2 or 3 pieces, on the desired dimensions
  • connectors to fix the accessories support
  • workstation top tables can be from compact wood in one color, multilayered or from MDF; they all have high resistance to abrasions, heat and friction
  • the perforated panels are installed on the support, using connectors. They are useful to personalize the work space with different accessories: monitor supporting arms, lamps, different hooks for tools, holders for boxes or bins. They are available in blue or grey standard colors, or black for ESD versions.
  • LED lamps, recommended especially for the applications which requires an increased attention to details. They can have white or yellow lighting, depending on the work environment and the operation carried on at the table top.

You can find out more details in the brochure “Accessories for industrial workbenches from aluminum profiles”.

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