Aluminum profiles

The aluminum profiles NGP type are a good solution for many applications, like production equipment construction, work stations, gravitational racking, accessories for conveyor systems, transport trolleys.

These cover a wide range of uses, from the simplest ones – frames for trolleys, to the most complex ones – completely automatized production lines.

Here are some of the advantages of using the aluminium structures:

  • the assembly of the components is fast and easy to do, due to a new design – with only 4 connectors there can be done any desired structure for various applications
  • low installing costs, the efforts to mount a NGP type aluminum profile are 75% smaller than the ones needed to mount a squared type profile
  • there are available 2 versions, with 40 mm and 60 mm diameters, for different loads
  • the 6 channels have standard dimensions, making possible to mount the accessories and connectors in any of their points
  • the connectors are fixed inside the profile, offering a smooth surface and a higher stability

The aluminum profile NGP type was designed taking into considerations the Lean manufacturing principles. The products made from these structures, fulfill the following functions:

  • they are produced from small components, which reduces the complexity and increases the flexibility
  • they can be easily reused after an application has ended
  • they fulfill the exact requirements of the client, so that this one can produce without losses of time, goods or motivation

They are available in standard model, like work stations, gravitational racking systems, but most of our products are custom made, following the dimensions and the client’ needs.

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