Big bag container 1 mᶾ

Due to the safe storage possibility, the Big Bag containers 1 mᶾ are suitable for any type of bulk products, from raw materials to waste, to different other types of goods.

The high volume 1 mᶾ big bag container can successfully replace conventional solutions like plastic boxes, cardboard octa-bins, Big Bags stored on wooden pallets, in order to store and transport the bulk materials from industries like food, pharma, agriculture or chemical.

The containers are from HDPE and aluminum tubes.

Advantages are multiple:

  • they allow the safe handling (no rollover risk for the Big Bags) and the safe stacking of the goods, up to 4-6 containers static and 2 containers dynamic.
  • easy emptying through the hole positioned at the pallet base
  • they don’t absorb the humidity from the pallets
  • cost savings for return transportation and storage by folding them
  • by placing the container’s components on the pallets when the bag is empty, the transportation costs are optimized when returning and stored until next use
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