Big bag container 2 mᶾ

These high volume big bag containers are ideal for transportation and storage of bulk products of up to 2 m³ or 1500-2000 kg. The container acts like a support for the big bags of up to 1-2 m³. The telescopic arms allow the lifting of the container to accommodate a 2 mᶾ bag. This system is used also as support for filling the bags in various industries (food, pharma, automotive, etc.). They represent a hygienic method of storage and transportation. There can be safely stacked up to 4 containers one on top of another.

The advantages of the 2 mᶾ big bag containers towards the 1 mᶾ ones, are:

  • the container’s height can be adjusted between 1 and 2 m depending on necessities
  • the emptying hole from the pallet has a funnel shape and safety hatch
  • the pallet is more solid
  • the container is mounted and folded quicker
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