Blister-type thermoformed trays

The blister-type thermoformed trays have, as the name implies, cavities or individual capsules, in which the same type of products is usually placed.

They are fully customized packaging, used to transport small and medium sized parts, which need protection and cannot be packed in bulk. The cavities follow exactly the part of the parts with which they come into contact, maintaining their position and protecting them from the tray above them.

They can be made out of PET, PS, HIPS, ABS, PP, etc. plates, at the thicknesses necessary to support the total weight of the parts in the tray, but with a minimum of material consumption, thus maintaining low costs in production and tour transport. They can also be produced from plates with ESD properties.

The trays overlap inside the injected plastic boxes.

They are used mainly in the automotive industry, electronics, when it is not possible to return the packaging completely, or when the return costs are too high, and would exceed a possible series of new trays.