Components for logistic systems and equipment

The mounting aluminum profiles similar Bosch Rexroth, either NGP or square, can be used in various applications, from the simple ones – transport trolleys or dollies, to the most complex – industrial equipment.

Being light weighted, but in the same time resistant due to their structure, they are recommended for industrial and logistics applications.

Below there are some possible applications of this kind:

  • for the roller or belt conveyors applications, the aluminum profiles are recommended because they offer flexibility to the system. They allow to adjust the height of the conveyor. Because they can be cut in different dimensions, the aluminum profiles are a solution for support both for gravitational and curved conveyors.
  • the racking for storage bins or mobile euro containers are useful where it’s needed their frequent shift to different work stations. Thanks to this system trolley, the complex operations of transfer on pallets and manual handling are out, increasing the productivity.
  • aluminum profiles cabinets add value in an ever-changing environment. They can be locked, and can withstand loads up to 700 kg. Different types of plywood are available for the cabinet walls.
  • the industrial equipment offers the producers the possibility to built light weighted machines which can be adapted in time and easy to integrate within the working environment.

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