Concrete duvet covers

Concrete insulation duvets protect the cement from fast hardening during the seasons with low temperatures, avoiding the cracks or other damages which can follow the freeze.

The concrete isolation duvets have the following benefits:

  • they extend the period of the year in which cement work can be done
  • high level of thermal isolation
  • they are very resistant and they can be reused for a long period of time
  • they are flexible and easy adaptable to different applications
  • they are easy to repair in case of tear
  • they can be stored in rolls when they are not used
  • they don’t contain dangerous chemicals, so they can be handled without protection equipment

Technical specifications

Width1350 mm
Heightapprox. 50 mm
Standard lengths3000 mm and 5000 mm
Weight620 g/m2
Insulation450 g / m2 Polywool material
SurfacePE with anti-slip properties
Temperature resistant0.99K/W
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