Corrugated plastic racks

Corrugated plastic racks are in fact a kind of cabinets with compartments on the vertical or horizontal, depending on the pieces which are placed inside them.

They can be used like they are, as static storage racks, or with containers, metal platforms or trolleys, flatpac type or injected containers, with injected or twin-sheet lids and pallets, they can be produced on any desired dimensions or design.

They can be personalized with the codes of the products or projects, logo, during the transport or storage, the access part can be covered for extra protection.

They are mainly used to store and transport long pieces from production in an ergonomic and efficient way. They are also used for the parts which are still hot after they are out from injection phase, and which need time to cool down until the next process.

They are light weighted, due to the reduced weight of the corrugated plastic, but in the same time they are very resistant and robust.

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