Customized pallets

For those times when you find plastic pallets for your application, but the dimensions just won’t do, Logimarkt gives you the solution: Custom-size pallets

We can offer plastic pallets on the exact dimensions that you need, made from recycled HDPE, virgin polyethylene, ESD (conductive or disipative) or flame retardant plastic.

This solution is ideal for shipping and store goods that have non-standard dimensions and shapes.

The design of customized pallets is tailor-made to fit the application that will use them:

  • less or more blocks and decks
  • low or higher distance between the profiles
  • low or higher lengths of the blocks

This details will have a big impact on the cost efficiency, because we can design a light or a stronger pallet, depending on the application (we take into account loading + handling)

Please find some examples in the photos, on the left.


Advantages when using customized plastic pallet :

  • Flexible : you can choose the dimensions, strength and material of the pallet you search for.
  • Reliable: the pallets are easy and fast to repair, because we change only the damaged part
  • Clean: the pallets can be washed, even with caustic soda or bleach
  • Hygienic : the pallets made from virgin material respect the phytosanitary standards
  • Returnable: this solution is made to save logistic costs, because they can be reused.

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