Cut & weld injection pallets for atypical sizes

The pallets injected from plastic cut & weld are obtained by gluing two pallets through the special mirror welding procedure. Inside it is reinforced with a galvanized metal bar, which has the role of hardening.

To obtain such oversized pallets by injection the costs would be far too high with the production of the mold.

Compared to metal pallets, they have a significantly lower own weight.

Welding two pallets to get one of the desired sizes is a quick solution at an effective cost.

The resulting pallets have an impact resistance similar to the initial pallets, of which they were made up. The resistance to dynamic loads or in the shelf is very high, due to the metallic reinforcement profiles.

Also, following the procedure there won’t remain burrs on the gluing area.

The resulting pallets are resistant and on them can be placed without problems the products for which they are requested.

The quality of the pallets produced by the mirror welding method is constant and at a high level, in a production series we guarantee that all the products will be the same.