Duraflex and corrugated plastic packaging

Duraflex or cellular polypropylene is a resistant material, out of which can be made products in any dimensions. This material type is more resistant compared to corrugated plastic and has similar properties to fiber glass. Has a reduced weight, making it easy to handle, and the transport costs are reduced.

Logimarkt produces Duraflex (or triplex) boxes in any shape, dimensions and characteristics:

  • foldable
  • stackable
  • with internal personalized dunnage
  • from carton-plast with ESD properties
  • with different accessories, like carton-plast boxes with aluminum and plastic frames, plastic handles, label holders

For the ones interested in environment protection, the cellular polypropylene is a solution 100% recyclable. The cellular plastic boxes have a durable structure which makes them suited for applications in most of the industries, from automotive to distribution and retail.

The corrugated plastic boxes (known also as akylux) represent the alternative to packaging for light weighted products or with atypical dimensions. It’s light, impact resistant and 100% recyclable. The corrugated plastic’s resistance is owed to the thickness and density of the material. Just like in triplex’s case, there can be produced foldable, stackable or with various internal dunnage and accessories containers or boxes.

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