The electric tow tug tractors can maneuver the most various not palletized loads, and ca be used both for interior and outdoor applications.

They are intuitive due to the small number of command buttons with clear instructions, are ergonomic, offer safety and optimal efficiency on the horizontal transportation.

They have many applications which are covering the picking areas, the e-commerce or LEAN logistics.

The warehouse vehicle types offered by Logimarkt are:

  • they connect to the platform on which the products are placed, and the operator gets on the machine standing, and automatically drives it
  • they connect to the platform on which the products are placed, and the mobile (pedestrian) operator manually handles the equipment
  • the platform on which the products are placed is part of the equipment, and the mobile (pedestrian) operator manually handles the equipment

The platform on which the products are placed can have any shape, but needs to be equipped with swivel casters or wheels (they need to rotate around their own axis).

They can be used for a wide variety of products, from the industrial or production ones, to pharma or hospitals (beds, food/ laundry/ medicines carts, etc.), laundry cleaners, supermarkets, different warehouses, waste handling areas or airports. They are from stainless steel, this making them suitable also for clean-room zones.

Basically, almost anything that can be placed on a platform with wheels, can be attached to the electric tow tug tractors offered by Logimarkt.

The functioning principle:

  • the electric tow tug tractors simply connect by using an universal drawbar to the platform with products (they can be classic platforms, different types of trolleys, containers, etc.), and the operator maneuvers them by standing on the electric tow tug tractor’s platform, or by walking beside it
  • in special situations there can be produced customized drawbars
  • in case the equipment has an integrated platform, the goods are simply placed on it, and the operator easily moves to the unloading point


  • they have powerful batteries either built-in or detachable, which ensures the transportation of the goods with considerable weights of up to 1000 kg, in safety conditions both for operators and products
  • they are flexible, robust, economical
  • they have a low level of noise, are ergonomic and have a very good running speed, and the wheels do not leave marks on the rolling area
  • maneuvering is simple and easy for the operators, and reduces the risk of accidents
  • personnel training is quick, there’s no waiting time for trained operators or even no need at all for qualified operators (the equipment with horizontal running do not require license, permit or special driving certificate)
  • the goods are moved safer and quicker than in manual handling, and the work performance increases
  • they have low maintenance costs
  • they are light weighted, have small dimensions, these facilitating the storage within the working areas
  • the small dimensions help to release the space for other work needs
  • the platforms onto which the operators are standing are very comfortable for them, having an ergonomic zone where they can lean and rest their back during driving
  • the acceleration and speed of the electric tow tug tractors can be individually set by the operators according to their individual needs, making them safe for maneuvering