Electronic print board magazine racks

The electronic print board magazine racks (PCB) are efficient for the production process phase, for storage or transport.

They are produced from materials with ESD properties, resistant to high temperatures and have applications in industries from electronic to telecom, aviation, chemical or mining.

The transport systems or supports can store high number of print circuit boards. They totally protect both their physical integrity and against electrostatic discharges which appear during packaging, handling, storage or transportation.

The electronic print circuit boards are easily inserted and firmly fixed inside these mini racking, resisting to vibrations or shocks which can appear during the storage and transportation of these systems.

They are easy to handle, don’t take to much space, and they are easy to store when not used, by disassembling them.

They can be customized depending on the type of the stored electronic print circuit boards.

They can be placed both on the length or width and can fit in plastic boxes or containers with ESD properties.

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