The plastic euro-containers, plastic pallets and their accessories come also in ESD material (conductive, dissipative, anti-static).

These are used to store and transport the electronic components, protecting them against accidental electrostatic discharges and, implicitly, the deterioration coming as effect of the physical phenomenon.

The electronic components are essential for the good functioning of all the appliances and equipment around us: TV sets, mobile phones, industrial equipment or automobiles. The use of ESD packaging is essential in this context, and preventing the electrostatic discharge phenomenon is mandatory. When producing the containers, storage boxes, pallets and their accessories there are used material with conductive properties between >1 x 102 Ω and <1 x 105 Ω or dissipative between >1 x 106 Ω and <1 x 1011 Ω.

The statistics are saying that the functioning of 25% of the modern electronic equipment is affected because of this reason. In general, the loss registered because of this phenomenon is significant.

The stackable boxes with ESD properties (conductive or dissipative) are robust, they protect the load against mechanical shocks, dust and moisture.

The ESD plastic pallets prevent the electrostatic discharges during transportation and storage of the goods.