Foldable Agri Boxes

The agriculture industry has been the heart of every civilization. Besides growing and harvesting fruits and vegetables, a very important role is played in the way they are transported and stored.

Logimarkt offers different types of returnable foldable boxes, that meet every need in this stage, taking into consideration goods handling, loading capacity, minimum logistic costs, products’ safety and quality, optimized activity flow, waste management.

They have applicability for applications from farmers to retailers or big chain hypermarkets, related to harvesting, garden/ greenhouse storage, delivery, display in stores or farmers’ markets.

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External dimensions
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    Premium Foldable Agri Boxes/crates LM FAB 43114

    Premium Foldable Agri Boxes

    • Stackable and foldable/ collapsible walls
    • Mixed models in a single stack, due to euro base dimensions compatibility
    • Perforated walls and base, or just the base, depending on the application’s request
    • “Fast-Fold and Unfold” system – is the red stripe that allows the fastest box handling, in no time:
    • To fold, just press the red stripe handle inwards, on both short sides of the box
    • Safe and resistant locking system when the Agri Boxes are unfolded for use
    • To unfold, set up the long sides of the box vertically, then the short sides, until they are locked in place, and make sure that the corners are fixed
    • Material: virgin PP (Polypropylene), food eligible
    • Standard colors for the box: grey (RAL 7001), yellow (RAL 1003), black (RAL 9005), red (RAL 3001), blue (RAL 5022)
    • Standard “Fast-Fold and Unfold” stripe color: red, except on the red boxes, where the stripe is black, so it’s easy to identify
    ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Internal dimensions (mm)Weight (kg)
    Premium Foldable Agri Boxes/crates LM FAB 43114
    LM FAB 43114400 x 300 x 114374 x 274 x 1060,719View product
    Premium Foldable Agri Boxex/crates LM FAB 43174
    LM FAB 43174400 x 300 x 174374 x 274 x 1660,878View product
    Premium Foldable Agri Boxes/crates LM FAB 64118
    LM FAB 64118600 x 400 x 118575 x 373 x 1101,43View product
    Premium Foldable Agri Boxes/crates LM FAB 64118c
    LM FAB 64118C600 x 400 x 118575 x 373 x 1101,46View product
    Premium Foldable Agri Boxes/crates LM FAB 64173
    LM FAB 64173600 x 400 x 173575 x 373 x 1651,78View product
    Premium Foldable Agri Boxes/crates LM FAB-64173C
    LM FAB 64173C600 x 400 x 173575 x 373 x 1651,837View product
    Premium Foldable Agri Boxes/crates LM FAB 64229
    LM FAB 64229600 x 400 x 229572 x 372 x 2201,909View product
    Classic Foldable Agri Boxes

    Classic Foldable Agri Boxes

    • Stackable and foldable/ collapsible
    • Open handles for an ergonomic grip
    • More models can be mixed in a single stack, due to the compatibility of the euro base dimensions
    • Perforated walls and base
    • 4 points click to unfold
    • To fold, put pressure on the short walls
    • Sturdy and safe locking system when the Agri Boxes are unfolded for use
    • Material: virgin HD-PE (high-density polyethylene), food eligible
    • Standard colors: green, yellow, red, blue, grey, white – other colors are available on request
    ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Internal dimensions (mm)Weight (kg)
    Classic Foldable Agri Boxes
    LM FAB 4318400 x 300 x 180270 x 370 x 1601,13View product
    Classic Foldable Agri Boxes
    LM FAB 6412600 x 400 x 120570 x 370 x 1001,45View product
    Classic Foldable Agri Boxes
    LM FAB 6418600 x 400 x 180570 x 370 x 1601,83View product
    Classic Foldable Agri Boxes
    LM FAB 6423600 x 400 x 230570 x 370 x 2101,981View product

The special line of agriculture foldable boxes is produced only from high-quality impact-resistant injected plastic and through their design, they resist intensive folding, unfolding maneuvers for transport, deliveries, stacking, and storage each day.

They provide, of course, the benefits of the foldable boxes, by saving 85% of the space when they are not in use and have a long service life due to the intelligent and sturdy design.

The main advantage is that they have constant own weight, and they can be weighted together with the products, speeding up the procedures related to delivery or inventory.

For suppliers, they are the ideal solution due to the following highlights:

  • Higher sales turnover, as the solution is highly agreed by the end customers (retailers, chain hypermarkets, etc.)
  • Optimized costs with packaging in the long term, by replacing the disposable solutions
  • High quality of the delivered products, due to the ventilated walls (no molds or fungi can develop)
  • Wider range of quantity per product for delivery, as the base dimensions can be mixed due to their euro base compatibility

They are a perfect solution for retailers, as they can immediately display the products packed in the Agri boxes, meaning that:

  • The products maintain better integrity by not having to be moved and accidentally bumped (some of the fruits and vegetables are getting degraded faster when they are hit (pears, apples, plums, grapes, cherries, sour cherries, tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers, green salad, etc.)
  • The time from delivery to display counter is shorter, and fresher products are presented to the customer: this means healthier products, bigger sales volume, and less waste caused by rotten products which stayed too long until displayed
  • A shorter time for preparing the merchandise for display leads to a better workflow and increased productivity
  • Direct display also means that no space will be blocked with the transfer of the goods from the transport-packaging to the display-packaging, and this, of course, brings optimized costs with the space
  • They are compatible with display systems, can be placed immediately, without any adjustments
  • Cleaner and better-organized space with empty packaging until they are sent back to the suppliers/ producers, versus the one-way solutions

Below are some of the solutions for agriculture foldable boxes offered by Logimarkt, with different dimensions and features:

  • Premium Foldable Agri Boxes: fold/ unfold with a single move, with the ‘fast-fold and unfold’ innovative locking system (see the red stripe on the handles, along the short walls)
  • Classic Foldable Agri Boxes: fold/ unfold in the four corners

Advantages when using this special products line:

  • Ensures the integrity of merchandise: smooth interior, no stripes or bumps that can damage especially the sensitive fruits or vegetables
  • Low logistic costs:
    • when returning the empty boxes, they have a high foldable ratio
    • many boxes can be stored on one pallet, to save more space in the warehouse
    • the boxes are stackable
  • Optimal ventilation for merchandise: perforated walls and base gives the fruits and vegetables the ideal storage conditions, due to optimal air ventilation, so that they stay fresh for a longer period
  • Hygienic solution: the boxes are made from virgin material, to meet food eligibility, and certificates can be offered, on request; information is also in-molded on the boxes
  • Clean and sanitized packaging: easy and fast to clean, due to perforated walls and base they don’t retain water
  • Safe handling: compared to one-way packaging made from wood, these boxes do not leave wooden splinters when handled or moved, and more importantly, the operator does not get injured
  • Ergonomic and sturdy design: they can be quickly and effortlessly handled for both folding and unfolding, and resist intensive use
  • Strong packaging: in comparison to cardboard packaging, the plastic boxes have a higher loading capacity, they are stronger, and they don’t get broken on transport, so the stack is secured.
  • Storage in safe conditions: with Logimarkt’s Foldable Agri Boxes, the merchandise stays safe in the warehouse, even in tough or harsh environments, when humidity can damage a stack made from cardboard boxes and all the merchandise can be scattered on the ground

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