Foldable Large Containers – injection moulding

Injected plastic big pallet boxes with collapsible walls are standard for specific automotive applications and electronics. Suited for transporting parts from production to assembly, but also used in the freight sector, logistics, raw material storage, textiles, packed or bulk products storage and display, food and beverage, chemical, medical, or waste storage. A great tool to streamline any supply chain.

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External dimensions
Length (0 - 1200)
Width (0 - 1200)
Height (0 - 1000)
ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Internal dimensions (mm)Weight (kg)Units per pallet
Heavy-duty foldable polypropylene containers manufacturer, 1200x800x800 mm, FLC1208-4805FLC1208-48051200 x 800 x 8001120 x 720 x 630389View product
Industrial polyethylene smart large palletboxes, 1200x800x950 mm, FLC1208-4803FLC1208-48031200 x 800 x 9501120 x 720 x 78043.59View product
Foldable large containers for heavy loads transport and storage, 1200x1000x805 mm, FLC1210-4807FLC1210-48071200 x 1000 x 8051120 x 920 x 63546.59View product
Hygienic heavy-duty PVC foldable large volume containers, 1200x1000x975 mm, FLC1210-4806FLC1210-48061200 x 1000 x 9751120 x 920 x 80553.59View product
ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Internal dimensions (mm)Units per palletWeight (kg)
Collapsible plastic pallet box FLC6411-3204FLC6411-3204600 x 400 x 1112560 x 360 x 935519View product
Collapsible industrial plastic pallet box producer, 800x600x984 mm, FLC8610-2502FLC8610-2502800 x 600 x 984760 x 560 x 8527N.A.View product
Collapsible plastic pallet box FLCL1004-2501FLCL1004-25011000 x 400 x 400970 x 360 x 380486.3View product
Collapsible plastic pallet box FLCL1006-0701FLCL1006-07011000 x 600 x 700920 x 520 x 550643View product
Collapsible plastic pallet box FLC1006-3202FLC1006-32021000 x 600 x 777948 x 548 x 615730View product
Collapsible plastic pallet box FLC1111-6011FLC1111-60111190 x 1135 x 8401120 x 1065 x 655747View product
Large resistant folding plastic container, compatible with Optimum, Klapa, VDA GLT, KLK, KLG, Magnum, 1200x800x973 mm, FLC1208-1408FLC1208-14081200 x 800 x 9731120 x 720 x 833945View product
Foldable container for transport and storage, 1200x800x973 mm, FLC1208-1402FLC1208-14021200 x 800 x 9731120 x 720 x 833946View product
Producer of plastic FLC for the automotive industry, 1200x1000x800 mm, FLC1210-4801FLC1210-48011200 x 1000 x 8001120 x 920 x 6501141View product
Collapsible industrial PP container with 4 feet and smooth inner and outer walls, 1200x1000x973 mm, FLC1210-1410FLC1210-14101200 x 1000 x 9731120 x 920 x 833851View product
Multi-purpose robust container similar to GLT with lateral access door, compatible with Optimum, Klapa, VDA GLT, KLK, KLG, Magnum, 1200x1000x973 mm, FLC1210-1404FLC1210-14041200 x 1000 x 9731120 x 920 x 833852View product
Resistand and smart HDPE pallet box similar to GLT, compatible with Optimum, Klapa, VDA GLT, KLK, KLG, Magnum, 1200x1000x975 mm, FLC1210-2501FLC1210-25011200 x 1000 x 975N.A.758View product
Manufacturer of sturdy injection moulding transport foldable large containers, 1200x1200x800 mm, FLC1212-4802FLC1212-48021200 x 1200 x 8001120 x 920 x 6501144View product
Manufacturer of smooth FLC container for transport and storage of pharma products, with smooth inner and outer walls, 1200x1200x973 mm, FLC1212-1413FLC1212-14131200 x 1200 x 9731120 x 1120 x 833757View product
Robust PVC containers for transport of electric and electronic components, compatible with Optimum, Klapa, VDA GLT, KLK, KLG, Magnum, 1200x1200x973 mm, FLC1212-1406FLC1212-14061200 x 1200 x 9731120 x 1120 x 833758View product
Collapsible plastic pallet box FLC1412-6001FLC1412-60011435 x 1219 x 8791354 x 1138 x 683789View product
Collapsible plastic pallet box FLC1612-6002FLC1612-60021638 x 1219 x 6501557 x 1138 x 457782View product
Collapsible plastic pallet box FLC1612-6003FLC1612-60031638 x 1219 x 8791557 x 1138 x 681798View product
Collapsible plastic pallet box FLC1612-6004FLC1612-60041638 x 1219 x 12701557 x 1138 x 10904113View product
Collapsible plastic pallet box FLC1712-6005FLC1712-60051778 x 1219 x 8641687 x 1130 x 6787103View product
Collapsible plastic pallet box FLC1912-6006FLC1912-60061981 x 1219 x 8641892 x 1130 x 6787104View product

The high foldability ratio and the light weight of large plastic foldable containers make them a highly requested returnable solution as they have several advantages over their metal or wooden counterparts. They optimize space and costs on return transports and storage areas.

Depending on the project specifications, they are produced from virgin or recycled high-quality injected plastic.

Regulations call for prime-grade materials when boxes are used for food (fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, dairy). Some automotive applications also require raw materials as a standard. Nevertheless, at the end of their service life, they can be recycled into new boxes appropriate for most industries. Considering the large volume of these boxes, they are an absolute waste reducer when replacing one-way packaging.

Other associated benefits follow: less packaging is produced, leading to less CO₂ emissions and fewer environmental taxes.

The foldable wall containers from injected plastic are ergonomic and compatible with automatized or manual transport systems (hand pallet trucks, forklifts, lifting and weighing machines). Accessible from all four sides.

Easy to use, folding and unfolding the walls takes less than a minute.

They are very robust (some versions have external reinforcements) and resistant to repeated folding and unfolding daily.

The basic version stands on 4 feet.

Foldable boxes provide good ROI over time, rarely break and usually serve a long life of protecting their contents.

Easy to maintain and clean, as with all smooth plastic surfaces. In case of special hygiene requirements, they can be sanitized with industrial washing machines.

Collapsible plastic pallet boxes can be stored in Dispensers for foldable containers.

They can be secured with various types of seals and straps.

They can be imprinted with logos or other imprints for added marketing value. Beneficial all along the chain, but most importantly, when the boxes step into retail or trade fairs.

Vertical and horizontal internal separators from different materials are available: textile, technological foams, Tyvek, Evolon etc. On return trips, they can be fitted inside one of the containers.

Lids and covers can be used for both anti-theft and added protection purposes (mechanical, dust, water etc.).

Lateral doors are optional for combined protection and easy access to the contents.

Available accessories include:

  • Wheels – to ease their movement inside facilities and allow easy arranging in narrow spaces like trucks and containers
  • Skids/ crossbeams – to enhance their load capacity and stackability
  • Metal reinforcements when higher resistance is needed in racking
  • Label holders – self-adhesive labels can be used instead on the designated areas

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