Foldable plastic pallet box FLCL1208-2404

The large foldable containers with stacking frames FLC1208-2404 (pallet, collar-frames wall, lid) are robust, easy to handle, take little storage space when they are folded and are recommended for medium weight compact goods.

Foldable containers are available in versions with 1, 2, 3, 4 or more levels of frames on height.

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Technical specifications

Lungime externa (inches)47.24
Latime externa (inches)31.50
Inaltime externa (inches)31.89
Lungime interna (inches)45.35
Latime interna (inches)29.61
Inaltime interna (inches)23.62
DescriptionClosed base and walls, wall in 3 rows of 200 m
ColorGrey container, black pallet and lid
Units per pallet12
Pallets per truck33
Masa (lbs) 114.71