Wooden Foldable Containers

Wooden foldable containers serve as a versatile alternative to plastic or metal. They can be designed for single use or multiple uses.

Their lightweight nature, paired with their robust load-bearing capacity, makes them suitable for both air and sea transportation. Industries such as automotive, electronics, chemical, and food regularly opt for these wooden containers, appreciating the customization they offer even for smaller orders.

One of the standout features is their adaptability for carrying hazardous goods. The container’s interior can safely accommodate glass, plastic, or metal items. Not only are they a more cost-efficient choice compared to metal containers, but they also provide top-notch protection for the items inside.

A notable design aspect is the edge joints, ensuring a tight seal to retain any bulk items securely. These joints could either interlock, resembling a puzzle, or employ metal joints reminiscent of hinges. Options for hinged lids or covers are also available.

The wood we use in manufacturing our crates is of premium quality, presenting strong resistance to moisture and potential warping.

In terms of construction, these wood crates offer various configurations:

  • Dismantling the sides to align with the foundational pallet.
  • Designs that fold at the shorter end.
  • Containers with fully enclosed walls.
  • Designs with open walls featuring vertical lattices.
  • Construction using stackable frames to achieve the needed height.

Additional features and accessories can include:

  • Protective lids or covers.
  • Side or front loading options with accessible doors.
  • Internal cushioning materials such as textile, foam, wood, or plastic.
  • A range of handle designs – from simple open handles, sturdy metal ones, to durable textile straps.
  • Labeling conveniences such as label holders, barcodes, inventory tracking, branding elements, and essential inscriptions like ‘FRAGILE’.
  • For enhanced brand representation, certain components can be color-matched to company branding.

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