Foldable wood containers

Foldable wood containers are an alternative to plastic or metal containers and may be one-way or reusable.

They are an excellent air or sea transport solution due to their low weight.

Foldable wood containers are used by various industries like automotive, electronics, chemical, food and more.

Foldable wood containers can be adapted for dangerous goods. The interior can come in contact with glass, plastic or metal boxes. They are more economical than metal containers while ensuring maximum protection for their load.

The edge joints are designed to stay sealed and not lose any bulk products the containers might hold. The joints can be puzzle-like or use small metal joints similar to hinges on the vertical or horizontal sides. It may have hinged lids or covers.

The wood is usually of high quality, with high resistance to humidity, preventing deformations.

Wood containers can have various folding or construction systems:

  • By simply breaking down the walls and placing them on the base pallet
  • Folding on the short side
  • With closed walls
  • Open walls with vertical lattices
  • Made of stackable frames to reach the desired height

They may come with accessories:

  • Lids or covers
  • Lateral or frontal loading and access doors
  • Internal dunnage (textile, foam, wood, plastic etc.)
  • Open handles, applied metal handles or handles made from resistant textile bands
  • Label holders, bar labels, inventory systems, logos, inscriptions (e.g., ‘FRAGILE’), seals
  • Specific components can be painted in company colors for brand visibility

Advantages of foldable wood containers:

  • Easy and quick installation by a single operator
  • Short production time
  • Robust, resistant and very stable
  • Reduced costs on retour transports
  • High folding ratio, reducing volume by up to 88%
  • They can be customized in atypical dimensions with low costs
  • 100% recyclable

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