Folding dividers

Alveolar plastic folding dividers are the perfect way to optimize return transport by removing them from their packaging and folding for a minimum occupied space. They have the role of delimiting the cells intended for each product and avoiding contact between the parts.

This option helps as well to reduce the space occupied by packaging, when they are not in use.

Foldable dividers are used with rigid or foldable wall packaging: injected or alveolar plastic boxes or crates, large containers, containers with modular stacking frames, flatpac containers, metal racks, etc. Their advantage is that, in the case of foldable packaging, the separator does not have to be removed but can be folded simultaneously with the outer packaging, thus saving time that is lost with the separate folding of each.

Another great advantage is that the crates or pallet boxes they are placed in, can be used also for further projects by simply replacing the separators with new ones adapted to the new pieces.

Folding and unscrewing the separators are very easy to do, do not require physical effort on the part of the person handling the packaging, increase productivity and job satisfaction.

In order to be easy to handle, it is important that, when folded, the separator is stable and does not have a strong tendency to return to the loose position, which can be achieved by paying close attention to the design part.

They are ideal for both small (non-appearance) parts and appearance parts (such as headlights).

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