Garment rails range for clothing

The Garment Rails for clothing are used both to make it easier to organize clothing in the textile industry, but also to save space for the display of your products. These rails used to support your hangers have a simple clamping system and do not require screwing. They are designed to improve your experience in clothing warehouses and to eliminate the worry of a complex hanger installation system. The product is available in three sizes: 15 cm, 30 cm and 45 cm; and it is perfect for the needs of any storage space. The 45 centimeters rail is made to fit larger storage spaces, while smaller-sized rails are designed to be used for transporting clothes in corrugated cardboard or plastic boxes.

The Perforated Rail Range for clothing attaches to the boxes intended for transport and remain stable throughout the journey. Reusable and very practical, the perforated rails can support clothing hangers both at the top of them and through holes specially designed to suit your needs.  The product supports most of the hangers, referring to their size.

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