Horizontal wrapping machines

The horizontal wrapping machine is suitable for areas with a high volume of products with various dimensions and weights up to 160 kg, which need individual wrapping and packaging. It is available in two models: semi-automatic and fully automatic. There can be easily wrapped heavy pieces for automotive, like different engines, pumps, gearboxes or electronic components.

The protecting individual wrapping machine has a horizontal platform onto which the cardboard or plastic layer is placed together with the product, an automatic wrapping zone and a box packing zone.

At the semi-automatic machine the product is manually placed onto the wrapping zone, while at the automatic wrapping machine, this operation is done using a conveyor.

The product is placed on a cardboard or a cellular polypropylene layer, and after, wrapped in plastic foil for a better fixing.

The wrapping program is automatically detected, depending on the dimensions of the cardboard or plastic layer.

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The advantages of the horizontal individual wrapping machines are:

  • automation of the individual wrapping of products on trays
  • the products are completely safe during transportation
  • the packed volume decreases compared to the manually wrapping procedure
  • high and constant work speed
  • low consume of energy (no thermal procedures are used)
  • no matter the shape, the foil firmly fixes the products on the cardboard or corrugated plastic layer
  • the product individually wrapped on the tray, can be placed both ways inside the box for transportation: face up or face down (suspended)
  • the way is placed inside the package ensures complete stability and protection against shocks during transport
  • is silent
  • it occupies little space in the working area and can be easily integrated within the existing packaging areas
  • it eliminates the extra packaging protection materials

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