Industrial safety knives and autoclave clips

Industrial safety knives for production and glass industry (windshields or solar panels) are mainly used to cut and deburr the pieces from simple plastic, PVB and  glass, or to scrap (for example the labels from different containers or surfaces).

The knives can have trigger, retractable blade, slider (cursor), ceramic blade. The blade can have different thicknesses depending on the model and use, and can be sharp or not sharp.

The blades are made from aluminum, superior quality stainless steel, ceramic, carbon enriched stainless steel, fiberglass.


  • ergonomic design, decreasing this way the musculoskeletal disorders
  • they are designed to eliminate the handling errors or imprudences
  • comfortable for operators, easy to use
  • light weighted, precise, efficient
  • safety lock system

Due to the above characteristics, the industrial safety knives for production and glass industry reduce to minimum the interruptions caused by work accidents.

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To complete the safety knifes line and with applicability in windshield production, it is recommended the use of the special autoclave clips. Their role is to hold together the windshield and the PVB protection foil, preventing the forming of air bubbles during the insertion in the oven.

The clips are smooth, so there is no risk for them to scratch the windshield. Some of them resist to temperatures over 170°C, and 15 bars pressure.

Besides the clips, there is a series of separators made from composite material, designed to separate the windshields, to keep them safe from scratching, and to resist inside the autoclave.

All the materials used for knives, clips and separators are according to the European Union restrictions.