Industrial safety knives for food sector

The blue color of the safety knives for food industry was chosen due to the fact that very few food products have this color. The contrast between food and the blue knives makes these ones more visible. In addition, the knives are easy to identify by the metal detectors due to incorporated stainless steel small balls. This way, the knives can be easily found in case they accidentally mix with food.

For bakery industry, there is a special knives line developed. The materials used are stainless steel, teflon stainless steel or plastic, and some of them are disposable. They are used to make the specific cuts on bread or baguettes, and are compatible with any of the bakery products’ consistence.

Any of the materials used are according to all the restrictions set by the European Union. All the knives used in food industry are certificated.

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  • safe for food use, they do not alter the organoleptic characteristics and properties
  • ergonomic design, decreasing this way the musculoskeletal disorders
  • they are designed to eliminate the handling errors or imprudences
  • resistant to solvents and other detergents
  • light weighted, precise, efficient
  • they can be used both by left and right handed operators
  • safety lock system
  • he pressure differences during operations allow the blade to retract even if the safety lock is not pushed
  • for the retractable blade models, this one is easily replaced and they have safety buttons
  • for some of the models, the blade can be adjusted on different dimensions; there are available various blade models

Due to the above characteristics, the safety knives for food industry reduce to minimum the interruptions caused by work accidents.