Industrial safety knives for logistics

Industrial safety knives for logistics can have trigger, retractable blade, slider (cursor), ceramic blade, special shapes for cutting textiles or thick paper.

The luminescent knives are a novelty, being easy to identify in dimming light conditions.

The knife’s body can be made from best quality plastic, but there are versions from magnesium, these ones being very light and impact resistant.

The flat edge knives ensure protection for the goods inside the boxes during the unsealing.

All the materials used are according to all the restrictions set by the European Union. The blades are made from carbon enriched stainless steel, or ceramic.

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  • ergonomic design, decreasing this way the musculoskeletal disorders
  • they are designed to eliminate the handling errors or imprudences
  • the pressure differences during operations allow the blade to retract even if the safety lock is not pushed
  • comfortable for operators, easy to use
  • light weighted, precise, efficient
  • they can be used both by left and right handed operators
  • resistant to solvents and other detergents
  • safety lock system
  • for the retractable blade models, this one is easily replaced and they have safety buttons
  • for some of the models, the blade can be adjusted on different dimensions; there are available various blade models
  • the multi functional logistic knives increase the productivity by cumulative actions in a single object

Due to the above characteristics, the industrial safety knives for logistics reduce to minimum the work accidents.