The intralogistic trolleys come to meet the needs of mobile flows for materials, determined by the continuously developing requirements. They are indispensable to the industrial production modern processes, ensuring an efficient and on time supplying. They have applications in various industries, from automotive, Aerospace or mechanical one, LEAN type logistics, to fashion-textile zone.

Using the intralogistics trolleys the platforms are evenly loaded, and the delivery of materials and eliminating the unnecessary ones or the waste, is done within the set time frame. They increase the delivery frequency of the internal transportation of goods and materials, being the base of the modern concept of LEAN type production which focuses on decreasing the stocks and increasing the rotation speed of the supplied goods.

Logimarkt offers to its clients three trolley types, depending on the quantity, dimensions and supply frequency needs:

  • C frame tugger train systems
  • E frame tugger train system
  • AIO intralogistics transport systems

The intralogistics trolleys are easy to use, having drawbar systems to attach each other and in the same time to a tow tug tractor.

Each type of intralogistics trolley has its own advantages, and choosing one or another needs to be done depending on the individual and specific needs of the production process. The correct choice results in the significant optimization of the internal supply chain by shortening the delivery chain and the trips with an empty trolley (without products).


  • high load capacity
  • can be used for various applications
  • flexibility of deliveries due to the independence with which they can be performed; they allow both sequential and non-sequential deliveries
  • they are compact and stable while moving
  • they don’t require a supplementary power source
  • their extensibility and modularity help to customize the system depending on the necessities, for example, having the option to couple them so they can be unloaded on both sides
  • they are ergonomic and safe for the operators, their handling and pulling being easy and intuitive
  • they are compatible to different trolley types, boxes, containers or crates
  • increased security at the working place due to the fact that doesn’t use oil which can lead to dangerous leaks on the rolling surface
  • easy maintenance, the repairs are done on the spot by the personnel who handles them