Kanban racking storage systems

The modern production and assembly lines need to be supplied with semi-fabricated items in the shortest possible time and as automatized as possible.

The interruptions or perturbances of the production process lead to high costs and in consequence, the decrease of the company productivity.

The Kanban racking storage systems are also named LeanTek, Graphite Composite System, Pipe&Joint system, Placon, Lean manufacturing racking, Creform-karakuri modular systems or gravitational racks.

The are made from light weight components which can be maneuvered and assembled quickly, the resistance being offered by the entire system’ design.

This one is done taking into consideration the nature of the applications as well as the client’s requirements, being available in numerous models, including in ESD version.

The Kanban racking can be configured from 1 mm or 2 mm profiles, with 28 mm diameter.

The profiles can be used for straight racking, in which case they are used for storage, or with inclined racking and in this case they are used in production or assembly zones.

The Kanban racking storage systems (also known as Leantek, karakuri flow/ FIFO racks, PEK3, Trilogiq, Beewatec) are an efficient solution for the supply lines because:

  • the semi-fabricated items reach the assembly zone very fast through the automatic descent system, with a reduced effort consume due to the shelf’ inclinations, the boxes are individually descending
  • they are safe due to the protection edges used, and the braking system
  • they are ergonomic and raise the operator’s motivation, the semi-fabricated items reaching the optimum height in front of them
  • they respect the FIFO principle
  • loading and unloading the gravitational racking are separate, either on different colors or on different levels, and their handling can be done without interruptions, increasing the productivity
  • the Kanban racking saves space, the crates or bins being stored in a high density system, which leaves more storage space compared to the traditional methods
  • no training is necessary for the operators to use or mount a tubular racking
  • they easily integrate with other logistic applications, like conveyors

The Kanban racking storage systems, beside the most commonly used function, namely storage, they can be used to obtain:

  • cabins and stands
  • trolleys
  • information panels
  • ergonomic work stations
  • racks with automatizations
  • storage stations for tooling and equipment
  • work benches graphite, Dynarax or Leantek types
  • gravitational storage racking with plastic rolls
  • modular systems Creform-karakuri, Beewatec, Trilogiq types

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