Laminated cellular plastic dividers

For sensitive goods, it is preferred for the separators to be laminated in order to offer a superior level of anti scratch or anti-shock protection.

This lamination can be done with various types of materials: foams (PU, XLPE, EPE, PE, XPE, etc.), non-woven material anti-scratch (Tyvek, Evolon, Royal Fabric, Softforce fabric, etc.). This can be done on one or on the both sides of the material, using permanent adhesives or by sewing.

The non-woven fabric has the role of protecting the components inside the box, and is generally recommended for use on sensitive ones.

Foam inserts applied to alveolar plastic separators are used to minimize possible damage that may occur during handling associated with manufacturing or transportation operations. The foam can have various shapes, perfectly complementing the surface of the separator. In addition to the fact that the foam helps to protect the packed components, it also has the role of helping manual or automatic handling in a production setting.

Laminating alveolar plastic separators prevents damage to the parts it comes in contact with, and reduces the amount of scrap that can result from poor packing.

Laminated separators from cellular polypropylene are mainly used in automotive for the pieces where the aspect is very important.

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