The Big foldable containers from injected plastic are robust products, with a specially developed design so it increases their resistance to multiple or intensive use (industrial, heavy-traffic type).

There are available models with closed or perforated (ventilated) walls, with feet, skids/crossbeams, supplementary metal reinforcements of the base for increased resistance to heavy loads, access doors (they ease a lot the loading, unloading and the access to the products, in case they are left inside and stored for a longer period of time), label holders, detachable or hinged lids, wheels, water drainage holes, etc.

They are produced on the standard pallet base: 800×600 mm, 1200×800 mm, 1200×1000 mm, but also on oversized dimensions.

The injected plastic big pallet boxes with collapsible walls are usually used in specific applications in automotive industry, electric and electronics, to transport the pieces from the production factory to the beneficiary on the assembly line, but they are also used by clints in freight sectors, logistics, raw material storage, textiles, packed or bulk products storage or display, food and beverage industry, chemical, medical, waste storage.

For food use (for example to harvest and store fruits and vegetables) they can be produced from virgin material, food-safe.

The foldable walls containers from injected molding are ergonomic, compatible with automatized or manual transport systems (hand pallet trucks, forklifts, lifting and weighing machine), the access being possible from all the 4 sides. They are very easy to use, the folding and unfolding of the walls being done in a couple of seconds.

The are very resistant (there are models with external reinforcements), efficient regarding the costs of the return transport (very good folding coefficient, and lighter weight than the wooden or metal versions) and also the environment taxes, they help to optimize the space when they are stored and not used. Due to their sturdiness, they have a long service life, they deteriorate or deform harder, these transforming them in a very good investment on a long term, but they also offer maximum protection to the loads placed inside. They are easy to maintain and clean, the internal surface of the walls being smooth.

For the clients with a high turnover of plastic pallet boxes with collapsible/foldable walls, there’s the option to store them in the Dispensers for foldable containers.

They can be secured with various types of seals and straps. For an increased marketing value, they can be imprinted with logos or any other imprints the clients wished to have, so the desired postings will be visible during the transport, the display in the retails stores, fairs and exhibitions, etc.

Inside there can be placed all the types of internal separators vertical or horizontal, textile, from technological foams, tyvek, evolon, etc. Upon the return transport, the internal dividers can be stored in one or more containers with unfolded walls (depending on the quantity), and the other containers are left folded.

    ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Internal dimensions (mm)Weight (kg)Pallets per truckUnits per pallet
    The Foldable Big Containers/pallet boxes with 2 access doorsN.A.N.A.View product
    Collapsible plastic pallet box/container FLC8610-2502FLC8610-2502N.A.33N.A.View product
    Collapsible plastic pallet box/ container FLC1208-1408FLC1208-14081200 x 800 x 9731120 x 720 x 83345335View product
    Collapsible plastic pallet box/ container FLC1208-1402FLC1208-14021200 x 800 x 9731120 x 720 x 83346335View product
    Collapsible plastic pallet box/ container FLC1210-4801FLC1210-48011200 x 1000 x 8001120 x 920 x 6504126260View product
    Collapsible plastic pallet box/ container FLC1210-2501FLC1210-25011200 x 1000 x 975N.A.5833168View product
    Collapsible plastic pallet box/ container FLC1210-1410FLC1210-14101200 x 1000 x 9731120 x 920 x 83351265View product
    Collapsible plastic pallet box/ container  FLC1210-1404FLC1210-14041200 x 1000 x 9731120 x 920 x 83352265View product
    Collapsible plastic pallet box/ container FLC1212-4802FLC1212-48021200 x 1200 x 8001120 x 920 x 6504426220View product
    Collapsible plastic pallet box/ container FLC1212-1406FLC1212-14061200 x 1200 x 9731120 x 1120 x 83358215View product
    Collapsible plastic pallet box/ container FLC1212-1413FLC1212-14131200 x 1200 x 9731120 x 1120 x 83357216View product