Large Foldable Containers – injection moulding

The injected plastic big pallet boxes with collapsible walls are usually used in specific applications in the automotive industry, electric and electronics, to transport the pieces from the production factory to the beneficiary on the assembly line, but they are also used by clients in freight sectors, logistics, raw material storage, textiles, packed or bulk products storage or display, food, and beverage industry, chemical, medical, waste storage, any type of production. Basically, they are used in any supply chain to streamline the shipment segment.

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    Foldable Big Containers for heavy loads (heavy duty type)

    Foldable Big Containers for heavy loads (heavy duty type)

    Due to their special design, The Foldable Big Containers with access doors on one short and/or one long side (heavy duty type) are especially preferred in automotive and electronics industries, but they can also be used in any other industry if the model is compatible.

    The foldable pallet boxes are very robust, specially designed for intensive use and heavier products, and are easy to handle.

    They are very stable when stacked, and they can be placed in very high stacks. The height of the foldable big containers can be customized in 2 versions, depending on the application.

    They are available on both standard base dimensions: 1200×800 and 1200×1000 mm. They can be produced with many options: 4 feet, 2 skids, 2 skids and 2 feet, 3 skids, more access doors.


    • the base is produced from first injection material, which makes it very resistant to shocks
    • the folding height was optimized, and it is 344 mm, which means 64-65% height decrease, and -lower costs with retour transport (9 containers in stack, Mega truck)
    • when they are folded, the feet and skids lean on the container’s edge, not on its walls
    • there is the possibility to divide the internal space with a level/layer separator
    • can be used also on conveyors
    • they are very resistant in time and rarely break
    ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Internal dimensions (mm)Weight (kg)Units per pallet
    Foldable Big Container for heavy loads FLC1208-4805 with 2 access doors
    FLC1208-48051200 x 800 x 8001120 x 720 x 630389View product
    Foldable Big Container for heavy loads FLC1208-4803 with 2 access doors
    FLC1208-48031200 x 800 x 9501120 x 720 x 78043.59View product
    Foldable Big Container for heavy loads FLC1210-4807 with 2 access doors
    FLC1210-48071200 x 1000 x 8051120 x 920 x 63546.59View product
    Foldable Big Container for heavy loads FLC1210-4806 with 2 access doors
    FLC1210-48061200 x 1000 x 9751120 x 920 x 80553.59View product
    Large Foldable Containers – injection moulding

    Large Foldable Containers – injection moulding

    The Big foldable containers from injected plastic are robust products, with a specially developed design so it increases their resistance to multiple or intensive uses (industrial, heavy-traffic type).

    All 4 walls completely fold on the bottom of the container, and being hinged to it, they cannot be lost or accidentally removed. The folding and unfolding are done in less than a minute, making this solution ergonomic and productive.

    By reducing their volume by appx 70% when they are folded, the big box containers are ideal especially in the situations when the client needs to store a high number of different products which cannot be mixed in the same packaging, but each one needs to be packed in a separate container (for example in recycling), raising the number of packaging needed to carry on the activity. This way, the client uses them during the application, and when they are empty and not needed anymore, they are folded and put aside in a smaller space than in the case of another packaging.

    There are available models with closed or perforated (ventilated) walls, compatible with applications from food (for example in agriculture or commerce) to heavy industry (heavy machinery, automotive).

    The basic models have feet, but they can be customized with additional skids/ crossbeams, and supplementary metal reinforcements of the base for increased resistance to heavy loads.

    If the projects require, they can be produced with access doors (they ease the loading, unloading, and access to the products, in case they are left inside and stored for a longer period).

    Other accessories available: label holders, areas for self-adhesive labels, detachable or hinged lids (usually are requested in case of outdoor use or as an anti-theft system during transport), wheels, water drainage holes, etc.

    The large containers with foldable walls are produced on the standard pallet base: 800×600 mm, 1200×800 mm, 1200×1000 mm, but also on oversized footprints.

    ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Internal dimensions (mm)Units per palletWeight (kg)
    Collapsible plastic pallet box/container FLC8610-2502
    FLC8610-2502800 x 600 x 984760 x 560 x 8527N.A.View product
    Collapsible plastic pallet box/ container FLC1208-1408
    FLC1208-14081200 x 800 x 9731120 x 720 x 833945View product
    Collapsible plastic pallet box/ container FLC1208-1402
    FLC1208-14021200 x 800 x 9731120 x 720 x 833946View product
    Collapsible plastic pallet box/ container FLC1210-4801
    FLC1210-48011200 x 1000 x 8001120 x 920 x 6501141View product
    Collapsible plastic pallet box/ container FLC1210-2501
    FLC1210-25011200 x 1000 x 975N.A.758View product
    Collapsible plastic pallet box/ container FLC1210-1410
    FLC1210-14101200 x 1000 x 9731120 x 920 x 833851View product
    Collapsible plastic pallet box/ container  FLC1210-1404
    FLC1210-14041200 x 1000 x 9731120 x 920 x 833852View product
    Collapsible plastic pallet box/ container FLC1212-4802
    FLC1212-48021200 x 1200 x 8001120 x 920 x 6501144View product
    Collapsible plastic pallet box/ container FLC1212-1406
    FLC1212-14061200 x 1200 x 9731120 x 1120 x 833758View product
    Collapsible plastic pallet box/ container FLC1212-1413
    FLC1212-14131200 x 1200 x 9731120 x 1120 x 833757View product

The high foldability ratio and the competitive weight compared to other foldable packaging solutions (wood or metal), make them a highly requested returnable solution, as they optimize the return transport costs (fewer trips with more empty containers per stack/ truck) and the storage zones (they can be placed in high stacks, efficiently using the vertical space, and releasing the floor area for other activities).

They are produced from high-quality injected plastic, virgin or recycled, depending on the specifications of the project.

For food use, for example, to harvest and store fruits and vegetables, they must be produced from virgin material, food-safe, in compliance with the norms and regulations within the food industry. Along with the ones for food use, there are also applications in automotive or other industries which require virgin material as standard for specific projects. Even so, at the end of the service life, they are completely recyclable and don’t contribute to raising the plastic waste quantities, which, in the case of these packaging with such a large internal volume, is a real problem.

If there is no special requirement regarding the material, they can be very well produced from quality recycled plastic, turning these big boxes with collapsible walls, besides others, into a sustainable solution, eco-friendly.

Both situations, together with their long service life and the possibility to be used for many different applications, are contributing to reducing CO₂ emissions by producing less new packaging. They also reduce the costs related to environmental taxes.

The foldable wall containers from injected molding are ergonomic, compatible with automatized or manual transport systems (hand pallet trucks, forklifts, lifting and weighing machines), the access being possible from all 4 sides. They are very easy to use, the folding and unfolding of the walls being done in a couple of seconds.

They are very robust (there are models with external reinforcements), resistant to multiple and repeated folding and unfolding daily, and, as a basic design, they have feet (4 or more, depending on the dimension of the base).

Due to their sturdiness, they deteriorate or deform harder and prolong their service life, transforming them into a very good investment in the long term, but they also offer maximum protection to the loads placed inside. They are easy to maintain and clean, the internal surface of the walls being smooth.

In case of special hygiene requirements, they can be sanitized with industrial washing machines.

For the clients with a high turnover of plastic pallet boxes with collapsible/foldable walls, there’s the option to store them in the Dispensers for foldable containers.

They can be secured with various types of seals and straps. For an increased marketing value, they can be imprinted with logos or any other imprints the clients wished to have, so the desired postings will be visible during the transport, the display in the retail stores, fairs, and exhibitions, etc.

Inside there can be placed all the types of internal separators vertical or horizontal, textile, technological foams, tyvek, evolon, etc. Upon the return transport, the internal dividers can be stored in one or more containers with unfolded walls (depending on the quantity), and the other containers are left folded.

For extra security of the load from the quantitative point of view or to simply protect the content against external factors (mechanical, like impacts, or non-mechanical, like dust, water, etc), the big boxes can be used with compatible lids and covers.

Other design options for the foldable and collapsible plastic containers are the lateral access doors, which help the operators to have quick and easy access to the content, without having to de-stack any of them. This means better productivity, less time spent with operation segments, and speeded delivery flow.

For quick and correct identification of the content, they have label holders (which can be used for more than one application but just changing the label), and areas for self-adhesive labels (in case they are used for a single application or product).

Other very useful accessories:

  • wheels – to ease their transport between the points where they are needed
  • skids/ crossbeams – to enhance the resistance in case they are used for heavy loads or when are placed in stacks
  • metal reinforcements for higher resistance, especially in racking

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