Metallic support for roller conveyors

The metallic support’ role is to fix the conveyors to the floor or ceiling.

The support foot is adjustable.

Technical specifications

General technical data
Maximum load capacity200 kg
Lateral profile
Dimensions77 x 32 mm
Number of cross barsup to 800 mm a bar is required, up to 1400 mm 2 bars are required, up to 2000 mm 3 bars are required
Frame details
Distance between frames (BF) 420, 620 or 840 mm (other dimensions are available upon request)
Module width (TW)BF + 80 mm
Lateral guide height (HSG)35 – 65 mm
Maximum height (T.O.R.)from 370 to 2000 mm
Adjustments+/- 50 mm
General details: the module is completely assembled, it has countless possibilities of vertical adjustment