Plastic pallet boxes

For applications where large packaging is needed for oversized products, there is the option of cut & weld or mirror welding plastic pallet boxes.

To obtain such packaging by injection, the costs would be much too high, so, welding two pallet boxes to get one on the desired size is a quick solution at an efficient cost. The cut & weld procedure can be applied both on horizontal (the cut pallet boxes are placed next to each other) and on vertical (the cut pallet boxes are placed one on top of another).

The welded area is strong, the resulted packaging are resistant and can accommodate without problems the products for which they are requested. In case of large containers in which heavy weights are packed, the pallet boxes base is reinforced with metal profiles.

The quality of the pallet produced by using the mirror welding procedure is constant and has a high level, in a production series there is the guarantee that all the products will be the same.

The procedure can be applied both for rigid and foldable pallet boxes.

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