Our vision

Absolute efficiency for your logistic chain.

A team of experienced and innovative packaging designers, operating a wide array of in-house production technologies deliver sharp, quick, efficient solutions saving time and money across the entire chain.

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Logimarkt –  improve supply chains through better packaging.

The business canvas is changing fast. We live in exciting and demanding times and we need to adapt to unexpected shifts.

Supply chains have to be more flexible and future proof. There is a growing need for sustainable packaging solutions, which must be reusable, easy to handle and foldable on return transport.

Logimarkt has a deep knowledge not only in the production on packaging but also in the customer’s logistics from different business segments.

The most important is that we don’t start our packaging approach from a production technology we know better, but we start from the product and its needs.

We look for the product to be contained in the packaging, and at its need for protection and capacity of nesting the parts. Then we analyze the handling requirements and ergonomics needs of the operators. Afterwards, we analyze the logistic loop and costs associated with TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

We propose 2-3 solutions that pass our internal filter, and we discuss open what are the pros and cons of each of them. We listen to our customers and support their decision making process with our experience. When necessary, we offer packaging testing services such as: drop test, collision test, loading test, vibration test for simulation of transport or climatic room tests.

We are revolutionizing the packaging industry with creative and well design engineered packaging, for a wide range of products. We believe in long term partnerships with our customers: the more we know about a customer, the more helpful, creative and innovative we can be for his company.

We keep things simple: design innovation, first class customer service, cost effective production, agile processes, total quality management.