These types of packing and wrapping machines have applications in complex domains, from food industry, retail or bulk packaging, printing houses or even food for pets, to construction materials or postal services for parcels.

The machines are divided in 4 big groups:

  • PP, PET or metal strapping band packaging machines
  • stretch hood packaging machine
  • thermo-shrinking foil packing and wrapping machines
  • foil wrapping machines with stretch film


  • they are innovative, complex, reliable
  • they are technically advanced due to the technologies used
  • they guarantee the integrity of the products while, and after packaging
  • they reduce the expenses due to the automated operations, and by using a small amount of band and film or foil
  • efficient activity by reducing the time allocated to these operations, difficult otherwise for operators
  • low maintenance costs
  • they are easy to use by the operators
  • they respect the environment by using recyclable packaging material, and in small quantities
  • in case of big quantities of waste resulted after cutting the bands and removing the wrapping foil, it is recommended to use a compactor or a press for waste management