The presses and compactors for waste management are machines suited for the industries where the waste is quickly produced and in large quantities, and its eliminating must be done rapidly.

Due to the compact design, they are recommended to the waste collection companies, large or small warehouses, purchasing areas, distribution, packaging or production. They can be successfully integrated in almost any operation sector, from commerce to other industries, like the chemical one.

The materials suitable for these presses and compactors for waste management are:

The functioning principle of these equipment types is simple: the waste are manually or automatic introduced through a large feeding/ loading area inside the machine, where, depending on its type, they are transformed and fixed in rolls or bales.


  • they resolve quickly and on the spot, the problem of the waste volume by eliminating them from the allocated areas
  • they are robust and resistant to repeated, intensive and long term uses
  • reduced maintenance costs during their functioning
  • high compacting and pressing speed due to the fact that the waste doesn’t need to be sorted in advance or introduced in a certain shape or order (for example, the boxes don’t need to be unwrapped or folded, the bags don’t need to be straighten up or arranged)
  • they reduce the costs with waste handling by compacting them, decreasing their volume and the pick-up rhythm
  • they are efficient, quickly releasing and cleaning the operational space from waste, this space becoming available for other activities or purposes
  • they are ergonomic, safe and easy to use due to the buttons which indicate the actions for the operators who are handling them, and reduce to minimum their efforts
  • they can be easily placed in various spaces without affecting the current activities
  • small footprint, successfully replacing the usual big containers for waste
  • the bales and rolls resulted are compact and easy to maneuver
  • they maintain the cleanliness of the waste storage areas by quickly releasing them, and the hygiene level through the compacting method
  • efficiencies the activity, the operators not having to carry the waste for a long distance from the activity place, or strive to crowd them inside the waste storage containers in order to release the space for new waste
  • the baled waste are preferred by the recycling companies due to the high volume which can be delivered in one single pick-up, and the fact that they are not contaminated with dust, liquids, molds, etc.

The waste management and recycle machines are structured as follows:

  • horizontal waste presses
  • vertical waste presses
  • waste roll compactors