The scissor lift tables are used to lift goods weighing up to 6000 kg at 1600 mm height, and where the loading is done with the forklift.

If it’s needed to use the pallet truck, it will be used a supplementary metal surface – named access ramp, which will equalize the platform’s height when it’s lowered at the ground level.

The standard components of the Logimarkt hydraulic lifting platforms are:

  • the squared profile of the lifting arms which ensures a high lateral stability
  • the hydraulic base unit has the tank with transparent walls  for an easier oil level check
  • low level of noise due to the absorption and evacuation filters built inside the oil tank, and the hydraulic cylinders equipped with noise absorbers
  • the scissors’ arms are swivel for a high movement accuracy
  • the valve adjustment offers a constant speed for lowering the load
  • up/ down and safety stop buttons and for adjustment of the working-desk level
  • stopper for scissors’ lowering in case of power cut – the table will not fall, but will be blocked at the height when that happened
  • CE marking

Optional equipment for the hydraulic lifting scissor tables:

  • special dimensions for the lift-platform
  • safety frame from aluminum profiles to avoid the risk of trapping under the platform
  • protection windbag
  • anti-slip surface of the lift-lower platform
  • command case with 3 m of cable
  • lift engine protection against overheating
  • railings on the lifting platform