The Smartdrawer system is a storage unit with drawers, designed to ensure the control of the products’ flow, used by the operators. The items can be stored in compartments either individually, or more pieces from the same item in one compartment. Their flow is monitored using the SmartBin technology, which allows the quick visualization of the available stock.

The operator can access the desired products by using “pick-to-light” technology: the items’ place is indicated with LEDs. The orders are done by using the touch screen or by using the integrated buttons for supply/pick up. The compartments can have individual control, depending on the client’s necessities; automatic lock can be set as well as restricted access for employees, returnable products, items period of use etc.

The industrial vending machine Smartdrawer is suited to store the following products:

  • cutting tools
  • adhesives
  • calibration tools
  • protection equipment
  • hinges
  • maintenance items

This tool vending system keeps track both of the removed products, as for their return in order.

Technical specifications

Technical data
The products can be released either individually or with several products with the same SKU code
Easy to reconfigure
Permanent secured access
Auxiliary units can be added
It is optimized for quick and easy stock recovery
It can be customized by choosing from different types of storage boxes