For those moments when you find the right pallets for your application, but the dimensions are not the ones you want, Logimarkt offers you the solution: custom pallets by size.

We can offer you plastic pallets on the exact size you need, produced from recycled HD-PE, First injection polyethylene, ESD (conductive or dissipative) or fireproof plastic.

This solution is ideal for delivering and storing products that have atypical sizes and shapes.

The design of custom pallets (of special sizes) is made in such a way to fit exactly on the flow of their use:

  • fewer or more soles and feet;
  • a smaller or greater distance between the profiles;
  • a smaller or greater length of the legs.

These details will have an important impact on the price, since we can design a pallet for light or very heavy loads, depending on their application (we take into account their load and handling).

The advantages offered by our plastic pallets, customized by size:

  • Flexibility: you can choose the size, strength, and material of the pallet you are looking for;
  • Reliability: pallets are reconditioned easily and quickly, since we replace only the affected part;
  • Cleanliness: pallets can be washed, even with caustic soda or bleaches;
  • Hygienic: pallets produced from virgin material comply with phytosanitary standards;
  • Returnable: this solution is made to reduce logistics costs, as pallets can be reused.

Oversized pallets can be made by welding and reinforcing several pallets together, either whole or cut, to achieve the desired size.

Inside, a metal structure strengthens and binds the pallet to give increased strength.

Another possibility used to make pallets of oversized dimensions is to make them from plastic profiles, fastened to each other with special screws.

Thus, we can obtain forms adapted to special products and applications.

Oversized plastic pallets are suitable for situations where the standard dimensions do not meet the needs of packaging, storage or transport.

  • Pallets from extruded PVC profiles 600x400 mm

    Extruded PVC profiles pallets for special dimensions

    This type of pallets is made out of extruded PVC, which offers the possibility to be customized to any sizes it is requested.

    For a pallet, several types of PVC profiles are used, which are combined with special screws for plastic profiles. The resulting product is very durable and stable in stack.

    The surface of the pallets is open, but by placing the PVC profiles next to each other, a closed surface is also obtained. At the base you can put profiles with the role of rails, which increase the degree of resistance.

    When they are no longer in use, they can be dismantled, and from the resulting profiles can be made other useful products.

    If a pallet deteriorates, the affected part can be replaced separately by simply replacing the destroyed profile, without the need to completely change the pallet.

  • Customised pallets

    Oversized twinsheet pallets

    For products with atypical sizes or large weights, twinsheet pallets can be manufactured. They are manufactured by thermoforming two plates which are then welded to form a pallet. The thermoform design also includes many contact areas for the two parts to increase strength and stability.

    These pallets have a closed surface and can only be produced with legs, without soles. Pallets stack in the nest when stored. They can have a safety edge for increased stability of the goods and they can be reinforced for increased strength.

    They are the most resistant to impact pallets (hitting with the forklift, falling from a height, etc.).

  • Injected pallets cut & weld

    Cut & weld injection pallets for atypical sizes

    The pallets injected from plastic cut & weld are obtained by gluing two pallets through the special mirror welding procedure. Inside it is reinforced with a galvanized metal bar, which has the role of hardening.

    To obtain such oversized pallets by injection the costs would be far too high with the production of the mold.

    Compared to metal pallets, they have a significantly lower own weight.

    Welding two pallets to get one of the desired sizes is a quick solution at an effective cost.

    The resulting pallets have an impact resistance similar to the initial pallets, of which they were made up. The resistance to dynamic loads or in the shelf is very high, due to the metallic reinforcement profiles.

    Also, following the procedure there won’t remain burrs on the gluing area.

    The resulting pallets are resistant and on them can be placed without problems the products for which they are requested.

    The quality of the pallets produced by the mirror welding method is constant and at a high level, in a production series we guarantee that all the products will be the same.

  • Aluminium pallets

    Aluminium pallets

    Aluminum pallets with special dimensions are a very durable alternative and support complex configurations.

    Aluminum pallets are used mainly in the pharma industry, electronics industry, air transport, but they are also used for heavy duty intensive uses (automotive, metal processing sectors or heavy metal parts).

    They are pallets that have a very good resistance/weight ratio, do not rust and have a pleasant appearance.

    They can also be customized as a design for special applications, such as, for example, pallets with stoppers for rollers or piping.