Stacking Frames Containers

Foldable containers with stacking frames are returnable packaging build up from pallets, modular frames installed one on top of another according to the desired height, and lids.

Plastic collar frames can be placed both on wooden or plastic pallets. Their dimensions are according to the dimensions of the base pallets: half pallet 800×600 mm, Euro pallet 1200×800 mm or industrial/ISO pallet 1200×1000 mm. For enhanced security and stability, the ventilated frames can be secured with special seals to the base pallet they are placed on. The folding is done using the hinges placed on the 4 edges (4 hinges) or also on the two short sides (6 hinges).

Inside the containers obtained this way, there can be placed vertical or horizontal separators/ interlayers. There also can be placed textile internal separators, technical foam dunnage, Tyvek, evolon, EPP, microfiber internal separators and dividers .

The main characteristic of the systems with foldable stacking frames, and, in the same time, their big advantage, is that the clients can build up containers on different heights by simply removing or adding frames on the base pallet. The minimum needed is one frame, which has appx 200 mm height, on top of which can be placed as many frames is necessary to obtain the needed height.

It is considered to be a flexible and economic system, because there can be obtained multiple heights by using the same work base, without having to purchase separate models for each necessary height. Another very important aspect is that, exactly due to its modularity and possibility to build them on the desired height, there are not anymore situations where the container has free space left unused. Beside the fact that this empty space occupies a volume which cannot be used on vertical, it comes also with supplementary costs with protective packaging which must fill in the free space, in order to fix and protect the products placed inside.

They are very easy to install and use, and are compatible in stack with other container models.

Exactly like the foldable flatpac containers, the stacking frames can be stored folded either on a container formed also from frames, or they are simply placed on the pallet and the stack is secured with straps or similar security systems.

Due to the injected plastic, the external reinforcements, but also due to the strong and robust folding hinges, these container systems made from foldable frames are recommended for the transport of heavy loads.

They are used in the auto industry, to pack heavy or sensitive electronic pieces and parts which need to be secured also from the inside of the packaging, but as well to store bulk products where, when the quantity from inside the container decreases, the top frames which are no longer useful, can be removed, adjusting the height. This way, the easy access to the container load is constantly provided, and, in the same time, the space on vertical is optimized.

The foldable stacking frames are produced from recycled or virgin food grade material. They can be produced also from materials with ESD properties.

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