Stacking plastic corners

Plastic corners are suitable when large loads are transported, which require the organization of boxes on top of each other and, especially, when they need safety, space and fastening during transport. They can be applied in a very simple way, easy to use by workers in packing factories. The plastic corners can be reused because they are impact resistant, providing the safety of transporting your products in a protected and efficient way. They may be used in the case of products packed in cardboard, plastic or other perishable materials, which may suffer when stacked or moved. Plastic corners are also beneficial in the fight against scratches or bumps, which are caused to both transported objects and to the machines or cars which are responsible of their transportation.

Stacking corners used for stacking boxes on top of each other have both a very safe and easy-to-use clamping system, which acts through the top of the box, being attached to the bottom of another box; as well as a system to strengthen the fragile corners of the boxes. The plastic used is a durable one, which allows the reuse of the devices over a long period of time, thus representing an economical way to transport goods without the fear that they will deteriorate during their transportation. The stacking corners are available in various sizes to match the thickness of the boxes used by you and the needs of each manufacturer. Stacking corners help maintain a balance of the boxes while travelling and ensure the safety of keeping the products transported by you in their original form.

The box corner security system is a plastic product that proposes an easier way to seal the corners of a box, used at the expense of adhesives that can alter the shape of a package. The installation of the product is simple and easy to do: it is applied at the intersection of the corners of the boxes, on their upper part. This clamping system is also beneficial when storing boxes on top of each other, as it allows them to overlap and to be transported in a safe way and promises superior quality, avoiding the problem of slipping and damaging the products. In addition to these benefits, the box corner security systems can be used on a wide range of boxes, as they are adaptable to various sizes of their walls. They can be used on packaging regardless of its height.

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