Standard thermoformed trays

Standard thermoformed trays can be produced in any form and for a wide variety of products, from small or light to large or heavy products.

They are used in automotive, electronics industry for sensitive parts, aviation industry, components of precision equipment, medical optics, etc.

The pieces are placed in cavities that follow their contour and shape, and are securely fixed during transport.

Not only the handling the standard thermoformed trays when loading and unloading is done very quickly but also the reception on delivery.

They can then be stacked and put in a larger returnable package (KLT, VDA boxes, injected containers, etc.), or they can be put individually in returnable packaging, depending on the application.

Standard thermoformed packaging can be produced from PET, PET-G, ABS, HIPS, or from conductive or dissipative ESD material.

They can be disposable or returnable. There are variants to the reusable ones, depending on the model of the parts, to be able to stack in the nest by turning at 180° for the return transport, this means low transport and storage costs.

Optionally, cutouts or TPU coating can be made to protect very sensitive parts from scratches caused by the movement of parts during transport.

They can be washed in washing machines for cans.