SupplyBay system

The SupplyBay dispensing for tooling is designed for industry environments, ensuring a correct pick up of the solicited items no matter when it’s done, without the help of a storekeeper. Using this equipment, the inventory process decreases its time with up to 50%, and the reporting methods are more complex and efficient. The tool vending system is equipped with touch screen for a quick use, and the interface is intuitive to come , coming to the aid of the operators.

The SupplyBay dispensing for tooling can be customized to restrict the access of the operators to the items which are not individually inventoried.

The industrial vending machine is recommended to be used when storing:

  • cutting tools
  • gloves
  • consumable for welding machines
  • batteries
  • flashlights
  • adhesives
  • maintenance products
  • hand tools etc.

Technical specifications

Technical data
Up to 70 SKU codes can be stored
Medium capacity: 324-400 products
Maximum weight / level: 45 kg
The metal frame is made of reinforced steel
Signaling through LED bulbs all around
Users can only withdraw products but they can not return them.
The supply is made through the back of the machine.
Compatible with other SupplyPro systems