The automated weight-based dispensing for tooling SupplyScale can improve the control accuracy over the inventory products without additional costs for the company. Each storage zone has its own weight scale, which allows the quick count of the removed products, returned or restocked, without repacking or labeling them.

The operational menu is accessible and intuitive, there’s not need for complex trainings in order to master it. With the help of the industrial vending machine, the products’ manual inventory procedure is completely eliminated, significantly reducing the time allocated for these periodical procedures.

It is suitable for the storage and management of the following products:

  • hinges
  • connectors
  • bearings
  • spare parts
  • protection equipment
  • valves
  • rivets etc.

This tool vending system keeps track both of the removed products, as for their return in order.

Technical specifications

Technical data
The inventory is updated automatically at the end of the operation
The "pick-to-light" signaling system operates at all drawer level
The SmartBin security system works on all drawers
It can be customized in different configurations, upon the client requirements
Low maintenance costs