Technical components from EPP

The extraordinary qualities of the PPE foam (shock resistance, high degree of thermal and acoustic insulation, moisture resistance, possibility of customization on the desired design, light weight) make it the right material for casting technological parts and components.

Thus, from EPP can be produced casings for hosting important components of heating systems, ventilation and air conditioning systems, such as: pumps, valves, boilers, different control mechanisms, heat exchangers, etc.

These components benefit from the insulating properties of EPP, by limiting and reducing heat loss, increasing the level of acoustic protection (especially in air conditioning units, pumps or compressors), low weight that does not put pressure on the elements and does not additionally require the installations in which they are placed.

A double advantage is that these technical components in EPP also function as a protective packaging for transport, absorbing shocks.

The assembly of technical components in the EPP is done very quickly, which means lower production costs, but also access to parts and fast maintenance.