Textile box dividers

Textile box separators are produced on order, depending on the dimensions of the external packaging (box, totebox, metal rack) in which they are placed, the particularities and constraints of the products, the ergonomic requirements and the necessary handling methods.

They are preferred in the automotive industry, but also in other industries such as electronics or the production of sensitive objects, such as glass or fragile components of medical devices.

Textile separators can be produced from many variants of woven or non-woven material: TNT Spunbond, PVC, Microfiber, Microfiber with ESD properties, from anti-scratch textile Tyvek, Astonika, Evolon, Royal Fabric, SoftForce, Feltru, made of fire-resistant material (Kevlar) or foam laminate materials inside.

The specific advantages of textile separators:

  • They allow folding boxes when empty;
  • They allow the nesting of parts within the box;
  • They are easy to use by operators (ergonomic).

Logimarkt tailors materials with CNC Laser in the case of woven materials, in order to weld the edges and prevent the threads from detaching. Sewing is done manually but also with sewing NCs to increase productivity and accuracy.