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Protection range products are useful in many applications from various industries like transports, pharma, agriculture, chemical, electronics, automotive, aeronautics, civile or industrial constructions, production which involves timber or any kind of wooden material, etc.

The technology used to produce the layers of insulation material of the thermo-isolation covers is proved to be efficient in keeping the goods at optimal temperatures (as required by each specific application), protecting them from various environment oscillations and thermic shocks (critical for perishable products).

The materials used for the isolation part can be closed or open cells foams (PE, PPE/ EPP, XPS, etc.), aluminum reflective foil (metalized PET), films with air bubbles, PVC, etc.

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Protective solutions can be used to protect the technical works against thermic shocks during some different stages of the project or outside the working hours (for example night time, or days with very low temperatures when the activity must be stopped because of this), to protect the items when are stored, protection during transport on longer distances, protection while the goods are transferred on short distances in case the ambient temperature is not  suited and they are exposed to thermic shocks (for example, the transfer of refrigerated or frozen food from the cooler or the storage freezer to the transport loading area, or vice versa).

Weather they are covers for pallets and trolleys, thermal asphalt duvets, concrete duvet covers, truck thermal partition walls, wire mesh covers, all the products destined for thermic protection are designed and produced respecting individually each customization solicitation and the project data.

To find the optimal solution or solutions, Logimarkt team analyzes together with the customers several aspects related to the protection covers and duvets.

These need to be easy to handle, to be applicable and removable very quickly. This way, the efficiency of the operators increases, the working rhythm is considerably improved, the level of fatigue decreases by eliminating the heavy and physically demanding operations. This aspect is important, especially if an eventual acquisition of automatized equipment for these operations is not budgeted or even the workflow does not justify it, or when the activities are carried on in locations where the installation of such machines is not possible.

When they are not in use, they need to take up very little storage space, and this is obtained either by a very good folding or by applying small hooks and use them for hanging on a hanger or special cabinets/ closets. This way, the available spaces are streamlined, the mess is avoided in the storage area and the covers are immediately found, and no time is wasted with the identification of the necessary models or sizes, the deterioration which can come as an undesired consequence of the unproper storage conditions, is avoided.

Another important point in proposing a protection model or solution, is represented by the degree and frequency of use. Protection covers and industrial duvets can be produced either for intensive or long-term use, or for a small number of cycles. The long-term use comes with the benefit of having low acquisition costs over time, but also protects the environment by decreasing the waste frequency. At the end of their service life they are recyclable.

If there are needed resistant and very resistant models, the products must be able to be easily cleaned/ washed/ sanitized, without affecting the protection performances or the duration of the service life.

How it is used and the application details, determines the suitable access opening type: no opening (in case there is no need for access to products and the stacks are not very high, so the operator can remove the cover them without problems), with zipper, with Velcro. The access can be on the middle or in two points on the side.

For supplementary protection, it is recommended to add an isolation sheet at the base of the trolley or pallet, which will increase the isolation level on the lower part.

Thermo covers and industrial protection solutions can have label holders for a quick identification, ensuring this way a higher work speed, but in the same time the temperature inside remains the same, because the cover doesn’t need to be removed anymore or opened for this operation.

Upon request, they can be personalized with logos/ acronyms, various colors (in this care the quantities must be over 500-1000 pieces, depending on the project). Also, it increases their marketing value.

They can be produced on standard dimensions but also customized, according to the characteristics of the applications and following the standards in force.

All the solutions and designed according to the requirements of each individual customer, so they can beneficiate to the maximum from all the advantages of the insulation materials and the long-term cost decrease.

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