Textile dunnage inserts

The textile dunnage inserts from non-woven fabric (or TNT) for protection, are an ergonomic packaging solution. The containers with textile dunnage anti-scratch from Tyvek or Astonika are recommended for the products with sensitive surface and which have a high value.

The non-woven textile packaging, tarpaulin, PVC, polyester, are used mainly in automotive industry and help to reduce the transportation costs by increasing the number of transported products with up to 30%.

Other advantages of using the non-woven textile inserts are: the possibility to place the products very close one to another, protection against shocks, preventing the dust storage, are returnable packaging. If there are used anti-static textile materials (conductive, with ESD properties), the products are protected also against electrostatic discharge.

The non-woven Spunbond dunnage can be designed so they fold together with the external packaging, not being necessary to remove them at return transportation, which brings a productivity increase.


  • maximum protection of the products (the ones sensitive to scratches, painted auto parts, leather padded steering wheels, windshields or different types of secured glass, etc.) reducing the number of waste
  • increase the number of transported goods by interlocking them
  • very ergonomic, the productivity of the operators increases, by decreasing the handling time
  • they are biodegradable
  • they are designed on the specific needs of the clients’ applications
  • they can be placed inside different types of packaging specific to auto industry: containers and steel racks, plastic boxes or crates, collapsible plastic containers or flatpac foldable plastic containers with sleeve type walls
  • space efficiency by using the store-ganizer type internal separators to store the products
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