Textile pallet dividers, supplied horizontally

Long or flat parts can be transported in the most ergonomic way in packages that are filled and emptied at the front. The positioning of the parts forms a horizontal nesting, being protected against mechanical shocks associated with transport or handling during the packaging or placement in production processes.

For this, Logimarkt has developed a series of concepts such as:

  • Flatpac with open front but still foldable (can be placed in containers KTP 114888, KTP 114777, 114999, Ecopacks). These systems are foldable.
  • Magnum Optimum with collar for storing the textile separator when folded
  • Foldable metal rack which folds together with the separator
  • Rigid metal rack
  • Trolleys with sliding components

The separators may have vertical or horizontal reinforcements, plastic plate reinforcements or technical foam. If the part has certain very sensitive areas, there can be made cuts or be positioned thermoformed plates inside the pockets.

The containers can be equipped with anti-dust tarpaulins, but which allow a very good visibility.

If the packaging needs to be changed, the separators can be easily removed, and the container can be equipped with a new type of textile partitions.

Metal racks can be pulled or pushed using tow trucks.

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