Textile pallet pallet dividers, supplied vertically

Textile dividers in which the parts are placed from top to bottom, can have several levels that may be accessed in turn, by sliding the level above. The pieces are positioned between the levels, thus making a vertical nesting.

Logimarkt can make the sliding system using bars and eyelets or hooks that slide easily into aluminum profiles with a special treatment inside. For heavy weights, we have developed a new type of slide that has metal support profiles for each row.

Logimarkt design team has paid close attention to ergonomics for users, with small design details that make it easier for textiles to slip and eliminate noise, or that make it easier to fold and unfold empty containers, even with textile dividers inside.

Textile pockets can be fitted with foam inside and we have developed numerous designs that avoid contact of the products with the sewn area or keep the products away from each other.

These systems can be installed in Flatpac type plastic pallets (KTP 114888, KTP 114777, KTP System 2000, Ecopacks) or injected folding pallets (Magnum Optimum, Klappa), metal SLI containers or various metal racks.

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