Foldable Big Containers for heavy loads

Due to their special design, The Foldable Big Containers with 2 access doors on one short and one long side are especially preferred in automotive and electronics industries, but they can also be used in any other industry if the model is compatible.

The foldable pallet boxes are very robust, specially designed for intensive use and heavier products, and are easy to handle.

They are very stable in stacking, and the stacks can be very high.

The height of the foldable big containers can be customized in 2 versions, depending on the application.

They are available on both base standard dimensions: 1200×800 and 1200×1000 mm.

They can be produced with various options: 4 feet, 2 skids, 2 skids and 2 feet, 3 skids.


  • the base is produced from first injection material, which make it very resistant to shocks
  • the folding height was optimized at 344 mm, which means 64-65% height decrease, and lower costs with retour transport (9 containers in stack, Mega truck)
  • when they are folded, the feet and skids lean on the container’ s edge, not on its walls
  • the possibility to divide the internal space with a level separator
  • can be used also on conveyors
  • very resistant in time