Thermal asphalt duvets

Thermal asphalt duvets are produced according to the dimensions indicated by the clients, and can be adapted to many applications. Their composition contains Polywool insulating material, laminated with an exterior textile material that resists to temperatures up to 220°C.


  • maintains the optimal temperature during the asphalt processing
  • protects the truck cover against high temperatures
  • easy to handle due to its low weight
  • is resistant and durable

Technical specifications

Standard dimensionslength 13 m, width 2.2-4 m
Polywool insulation layer can be:180 g/m2 or 360 g/m2
Thermal duvets weight with 180 g / m2 insulating material525 g/m2
Weight of thermal duvets with 360 g / m2 insulating material720 g/m2
Resistant to temperatures up to:220°C
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